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Why Exploremore 

Why Us

Exploremore is a Slovenian Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Nova Gorica, where
the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Balkans touch Central Europe.
Slovenia is one of the last green jewels of the old continent, a small but little-known country in
Central Europe, while Croatia is better known for its stunning coastline and islands in the Adriatic
Sea. In these countries we are:
- creating inspiring journeys.
- designing classic, active, cultural, culinary and wine tours for GROUPS.
- inventing self-drive and tailor-made excursions for INDIVIDUAL clients.
- organizing unforgettable BIKE and HIKE TOUR HOLIDAYS for self-guided clients and for guided
We are a creative team of professionals with the right combination of knowledge and experience in
the tourism sector. On our tours clients will encounter local character and culture, have the
opportunity to connect with people and truly make an emotional and memorable journey. There is
no detail too small, no surprise too unusual and no wish too big when we set the scene for souvenir
photos and memories.
Our trips are designed to deliver the ultimate destination experience. We really know where to avoid
the main routes, open the doors to places you might never have discovered on your own and paving
the way to lasting memories with beautiful hotels, inspiring activities, unforgettable culinary
experiences and friendly and passionate guides. Over the years, we have developed a network of
partners and reliable suppliers. Our team is fast and reliable and offers full assistance 24 hours a day.
We are also committed to sustainable development and responsible travel that contributes to the
well-being of local society and the environment:
- using locally owned, environmentally and socially responsible accommodation whenever possible.
- working with local partners, engaging local guides and drivers where possible and paying fair wages.
- Environmentally friendly practices in our office: we encourage cycling to work, car sharing,
recycling, reduced energy consumption and the use of planet-friendly cleaning products.
- We strive to ensure that tours have a positive impact on the destination visited (engaging with local
people, respecting local cultural sensitivities, learning a few words in the local language and opening
the door to more authentic experiences, supporting local businesses such as restaurants and wine
bars, giving our clients the opportunity to buy locally produced souvenirs, wine, honey, handmade
crafts, etc.).
- Because we want to share our passion and knowledge about all the natural and cultural beauties of
our destinations.  
- Because we want to share authentic and memorable experiences with you and your clients.
- Because we can open the doors to places or experiences you may never have found on your own.
- Because we know where to exit and bypass main roads in favour of going off the beaten path.
- Because we offer sustainable travel choices that have a positive impact on our destination. The
world and the nature need us to be kind, to be fair and responsible.
- And finally, because our team is fast and reliable, offering full-service assistance 24h/24.
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Exploremore d.o.o.
Ul. Gradnikove brigade 6
5000 Nova Gorica


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M +386 30 374 910